A panorama of chocolate from around the world and from home

The winners of the Academy of Chocolate for 2015 have been announced

We can be proud of the Hungarian chocolate manufacturers, as they have proven well in more than one category. We find Rózsavölgyi chocolate, Tibor Szántó, Zangio, chocoMe and Fabric chocolate among the award winners.

cikkek_0_academyThe Rózsavölgyi chocolates were among the best with winning medals in several categories this year as well. Among the best black chocolates, in the “Bean-to-bar” category the Madagascar Criollo a Pureto Cabello and the Porcelana got bronze medals. In the best flavored milk chocolate category, the caramelized lavender bar got silver medals. In the best bonbon chocolate category the bergamot and Gouda cheese flavored received silver. Gold medal was given for the hot chocolate packaging, and silver was given for the bergamot packaging.

Tibor Szántó received bronze medal for his Baracoa Cuba bar in the best “Bean-to-bar” above 80% dark chocolate category.

The chocoMe received medals in several categories. Two different flavored raffinées got bronze medals (Avola almond raffinée, Piemonte hazelnut raffinée). The pecan nut raffinée got also bronze medal in the caramell flavour category.

In the best flavored dark chocolate category the Fabric received bronze medal for their chocolate bar, 66%, originating from Chiapas, Mexico, made of organic cocoa beans.

I think I can say that the Hungarian chocolate manufacturers have gotten their names listed on the tableau of the big international chocolate manufacturers.


In the following parts, in the form of short entries, I am going to present those manufacturers that are worth to know, in my opinion.

Today I am once again presenting an excellent local chocolate manufacturer

Tibor Szántó began as a sommelier and continued as a chocolatier. He created his first chocolates in 2007, mostly as a result of experiences and motivation collected during his trips in northern Italy. Once you taste a really good chocolate then you become reluctant to try lower quality. Tibor says that the fact he has not found good chocolate at home led him to experiment with the chocolate itself. The experimentation resulted in excellent chocolates being made to date. He is the second in Hungary today to produce „bean-to-bar” chocolate from uniquely selected beans. In 2013, the Academy of Chocolate in London gave a bronze medal for his House belnd superior Grand Cru 70% Venezuelan chocolate, and then the same chocolate bar received the Great Taste Award in the same year. He personally presents his own chocolates in Portéka, the brand store Horánszky street every Thursday... read more

The next world famous chocolate manufacturer is Valrhona in Tain-l’ Hermitage located near Lyon

It was founded by Albéric Guironnet, French pastry chef, in 1922. Since the founding of the manufactory, they prepare one of the world’s best raw ingredient for chocolate. Many Hungarian chocolate manufacturers are using ingredients of Valrhona. Most of their chocolates are Gand Cru, which means that the cocoa beans are from a particular country or region, but not from the same plantation. Cité du Chocolat is their headquaters, a 2,000-square-meter grand modern building. Permanent exhibitions and various activities are avaiting the visitors. For those who would like to become the master of chocolate making, the Ecole du Grand Chocolat provides excellent opportunities. They have several vintage chocolates, for which the cocoa beans are mostly purchased from the Caribbean region, Madagascar, and Trinidad. The Valrhona company today has 5 subsidiaries and 60 distributors around the... read more

The following chocolate makers do not have to be introduced, I assume, yet I will introduce them. You need to be familiar with them by all means.

The Rózsavölgyi chocolate manufactory was founded by Katalin Csiszár and her husband, Zsolt Szabad in 2004. In the beginning their main profile was the production of bonbon chocolates, but nowadays their chocolate bars made by own chocolate can achieve excellent ratings in prestigious international competitions. They where the first in Hungary who started to produce “bean-to-bar” chocolate. The “bean-to-bar” is a category, which means that the manufacturers are processing cocoa beans themselves and make their own chocolate of the beans. Kati orders the cocoa beans from Venezuela and Madagascar. The chocolates made from these beans have repeatedly won silver and bronze medals on the competitions of the Academy of Chocolate. They won two bronze medals in 2013, and in the same year three of their chocolate received a 2-star rating at the Grate Taste Award. In addition, the Madagascar Criollo, the Porcelana, and Trichereas also received two stars from the Guild of Fine Food in... read more

First, let’s travel to Tuscany

The history of Amadei family is certainly known by many people, but for those who are not familiar it’s time to get acquainted with them. Cecilia Tessier had a big dreamed of making the world’s best chocolate. And she more or less made it. The rest is a matter of taste. The manufactory was founded in 1990. Ever since, the highest quality chocolates are made with unbroken success and commitment in their Tuscan yard. In 2006, they received a gold medal from the Academy of Chocolate for their Chuao chocolate bar made of porcelana cocoa... read more